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Dion Dimucci

Lester Bangs in Buffalo

Lester Bangs in "Almost Famous"

The Cure In Concert

Peal Jam In Concert

History of Warner Brothers Music

Creolina's Cajun/Creole

People's Bar-B-Que and Soul Food

Bill contemplates the evening's expenses. Susi meditates (or gargles).
Seeing no evil (and feeling no pain). Where are Ed's hands?
Creative heads! Denise smiles and Mamie looks the other way!
Sex Ed?! She's no dummy!
Hugh has two! Mamie laughs and Susi, too!
Don't try this at home, kids! Andrews raises his brow while Peter remains beatific.
Andrews ponders his smiling friends. Make up your own joke here.
Mamie and Hugh, too. An imprompteau pose.
Peter is skeptical. Al B. Rotten his self!
An odd tableau! Denise and Bill's teeth.

All's well if Ed's well!









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