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Reviews and articles by Richard Pachter.
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For my favorite business books of 2007, click here.

How united is the United States?
Breaking up may not be that hard to do.

Pickup artists sell themselves.
Neil Strauss plays and is played, in "The Game."

How Google began and where it's going.
"The Search" is a real find.

Tom Peters re-imagines his previous book.
The guru gets down to the Essentials.

The gatekeepers strive to stifle innovation.
Learn why dying companies like to sue their customers, in "Darknet."

Is your business good to grow?
The solution may be to "Think Big, Act Small."

History that reads like a novel.
You can't put down Les Standiford's historical page-turner, "Meet You in Hell."

Use your head. All of it.
Dan Pink says that right-brainers will rule, in "A Whole New Mind."

Time is on our side — sometimes.
"Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell makes a very good first impression.

The personal computer revolution and American innovation.
"Revolution In The Valley" is a great story and a beautiful book.

When all else fails, try dealing with reality.
Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan confront the world as it is.

Doomed to repeat history?
Edwin Black's "Banking On Baghdad."

Guy Kawasaki lets the good ideas roll.
The irrepressible evangelist presents "The Art of the Start."

The Mind at Work.
People who labor with their hands are smarter than you think.

There's wisdom in crowds.
James Surowiecki looks at the power of group intelligence.

Thinking inside and outside the box.
Seth Godin strikes again with "Free Prize Inside!"

Integrating work with life.
Books take different angles on living seemlessly.

Hunting for a job? It doesn't have to be a monster!
3 books show how to search with success.

MBA In A Box covers all the basics of business.
A varied group of contributors offers lessons on everything imaginable about business.

If you're captivated by Trump, you've gotta get his book.
Platitudes, opinions, observations, anecdotes and gossip from The Donald.

Make the rules or your rivals will.
How savvy firms must manage their legal issues.

Good Business: how some companies do the right thing.
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi looks at businesses that care about more than profit, but profit anyway.

The joy and pain of e-mail.
How high-profile South Floridians handle the daily flow (feature article).

The subversion of copyright law and the public domain.
Lawrence Lessig explores the history of copyright law and its abuse by big media.

Four books to help would-be entrepreneurs.
Before starting a business, take a look at these books for advice.

Vice grip: Making money by investing in sex, smoke and booze.
Investing in vice can be profitable, according to two authors.

Wisdom from the East -- and from South Florida.
The Art of the Advantage and Finding Your Niche Can Be a Real Bitch.

Yetnikoff howls at the moon.
And blows yet another chance to do the right thing.

An act well worth repeating.
Magic Words and Magic Words at Work: mottoes and clichés to get through life's sticky moments.

The next phase of capitalism?
Zuboff and Maxmin make the case for major changes in the economy.

Is war a good metaphor for business?
Four books attempt to translate the rules of warfare into business success.

Sacred and profane.
Management lessons from the Benedictines and The Sopranos.

Playback offers a familiar tune.
A compact history of the technology of the music business.

Home runs are overrated.
Ram Charan says that singles and doubles can be far more valuable to your business.

Beat the press? How to get your message to the media.
A trio of books with advice on dealing with print and broadcast journalists.

Ready to flip? 3 books teach you how.
Tips on buying and selling real estate quickly for investment purposes.

Death be not proud, but does it have to be so expensive?
"The Survivor's Guide: What You Need to Know & What You Need to Do When Someone Close to You Dies".

Has Tom Peters lost his mind?
The business guru, speaker and visionary dares to re-imagine the world in his new book.

'Perfectly Legal' is both painful and enlightening.
The covert campaign to rig the U.S. tax system to benefit the super rich -- and cheat cverybody else.

Reflections upon the dumb and the dumber.
Two recent books on the subject of stupid leaders and idiotic business decisions.

The business and culture of Coca Cola.
"The Real Thing. Truth and Power at the Coca-Cola Company."

A look at the politics of economic policies
The latest book by economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, "The Great Unraveling."

A tale of two covers: U.K. version takes heat
Can you judge a book by its cover? Check out the one on the U.K. edition of Krugman's book.

Author narrows focus with second 'Warfare'
David D'Alessandro, CEO of John Hancock Financial Services, tells how to protect your image and reputation.

Two books offer upbeat ideas for the new year
Hope for finding work in an age of Internet resumes and teaching workaholics how to relax.

Ageless Marketing
David B. Wolfe and Robert Snyder's provocative work provides insight into recent demographic trends.

Book's form matches message: Keep it simple
Author Bill Jensen is disinclined toward power plays, but favors preventing of needless work and wasted time.

The Innovator's Solution
Authors offer a lesson in smarter innovation.

Newman's Own
The launch, acceptance and success of a brand turns into a powerful engine for supporting good works.

From the wrong end of Jack's gut?
A bloated, ponderous, self-aggrandizing tome from former GE Chairman Jack Welch.

Learn from Elvis' Manager?
The Beatles? Elvis? Sometimes. the smartest move is the one you don't make!

Best Business Stories of the Year
A review of the 2004 edition of this annual collection.

Want to get noticed? Bang!
Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval tell you how to create an advertsing buzz.

Drudge, Inc.
By linking news sites, Matt Drudge created an Internet success.

Pound for Pound, Goleman's book is the best around
''Business: The Ultimate Resource'' lives up to its name.

Cajun/Creole fare will brighten your day.
Creolina's, a tasty fixture of Ft. Lauderdale's Himmarshee Village.

Ashes To Ashes.
A personal memoir of a promise kept to my father.









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